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Since founding Calligraphic Art Services in 1987, calligrapher Duncan Tolmie has provided companies, institutions and individuals with the highest standard of calligraphy for special events, such as awards ceremonies and weddings.


Duncan specialises in hand-lettering names onto invitations, place cards & certificates, and addressing envelopes.


For thirty years he taught calligraphy at Strathclyde University, City of Glasgow College, and at other venues throughout central Scotland.


He is skilled at both traditional and modern styles of calligraphy, and in his free time he creates digital calligraphic artwork (examples of his artwork are shown on this page).

Most of Duncan's commissions originate from central Scotland, but he has provided a calligraphy service to companies and individuals throughout the UK, from the Isle of Skye to London.

View galleries of Duncan's traditional and modern calligraphy.

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calligraphic artwork by Duncan Tolmie © 2021

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