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Course topics include:

  • Materials and equipment

  • The structure of letters

  • Learning the Foundational alphabet

  • Learning the Italic alphabet

  • A brief look at the Gothic alphabet

  • Letter and word spacing

  • Calligraphic borders

  • Decorative pen flourishes for Italic

  • Using dip nibs and waterproof ink


My beginners classes are intended for anyone totally new to calligraphy, but the varied topics covered will be beneficial even to someone with a little previous experience.


I will give practical advice on materials and equipment, lettering techniques and applied calligraphy.


Through clear and detailed instruction, supported by comprehensive notes,  I'll encourage you to develop a personal style, and will show you how to apply your new found skill to a variety of projects.

In one-to-one demonstrations, I'll help you overcome areas of personal difficulty.

I will share tips, tricks and techniques that I have learned along the way.

By the end of the course you will have learned the basic techniques of an absorbing and relaxing skill.

For dates and venues see scheduled classes.

Calligraphy is an inexpensive craft... all you need to bring to a class is a calligraphy fountain pen, a few ink cartridges and some sheets of A4 photocopy paper. It is not necessary to purchase any expensive equipment. I will give advice about optional equipment and materials on the first evening.


Learn about equipment to purchase for beginners classesDiscover my thoughts on learning calligraphy.

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