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Manuscript Pen set

Clicking this image will take you to Amazon, where you will find an example of a typical Manuscript pen set.

Please note: the link is for guidance only. I have no affiliation with either Manuscript or Amazon, and it is not my intention to influence where you make your purchase. 

When you attend one of my classes, all you need to bring is a calligraphy fountain pen with a few ink cartridges and some sheets of A4 photocopy paper... and that's all. 


There are many calligraphy fountain pens to choose from, including Rotring Artpen, Lamy Joy, and Pilot Parallel Pens, some of which can be expensive. For someone new to calligraphy, Manuscript pens are adequate and reasonably priced, and are readily available online and from high street stores. A Manuscript fountain pen with a 3B (2.2mm) or 4B (2.8mm) nib is ideal for beginners.

If you are left-handed, it is essential that you purchase a left-handed version of whichever brand of  pen you choose, as it will have an ‘oblique’ nib. Unfortunately, left-handed versions of Pilot Parallel Pens are not available in the UK, but modified pens can be purchased from John Neal Books in the USA. Left-handed calligraphy equipment is available at Anything Left Handed.

Although not essential, it would be beneficial to purchase a few calligraphy pens with different sized nibs as they will allow you to vary the size of your lettering. Manuscript offer a calligraphy fountain pen SET containing a number of interchangeable nibs, including the above-mentioned 3B (2.2mm) or 4B (2.8mm). As before, if you are left-handed, you should always  purchase a left-handed version of any brand of pen that you purchase.


When purchasing a calligraphy pen, please do not be tempted to purchase a cheap unknown brand from a budget store, as your "bargain" is likely to be a false economy. You will be better served by choosing a known brand, including those mentioned above.

Purchasing equipment for an unfamiliar subject can be confusing. If, despite the above information, you are unsure about what equipment to purchase prior to attending a class, please contact me for advice.

Please note: dip pens and bottled inks are not suitable for the class, but I will give guidance on their use for students' future reference.

For dates and venues see calligraphy classesFor course topics see class description. Discover my thoughts on learning calligraphy.

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