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List of names

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Section of a well-formatted name list

Section of a well-formatted address list

Wherever possible….

  • Guest lists should be typed or word-processed. They can be supplied to me as a hard copy (printed A4 pages), or as an email attachment created in Word, Pages etc.

  • Please print your list in black text, and complete a separate list for each stationery item, heading each list with your name, a title, eg ‘Day Invitations,’ ‘Day Envelopes,’ ‘Place Cards’ etc, and a contact number.

  • Please do not type names or addresses in all capital letters such as 'MR JOHN MACDONALD,' but preferably as 'Mr John MacDonald.'

  • For addresses, please avoid using Excel spreadsheets, where an address is split into individual columns across the page, as these can cause confusion. It is preferable for addresses to be split into separate lines vertically, as they would normally appear on an envelope.

  • Please ensure that the length of guests’ names is relative to the amount of space available on your invitation, abbreviating where necessary.

  • On envelopes, please avoid addresses of only three lines as it can look a little sparse. Add a fourth line by including the post code or county — this will enhance the appearance of the completed envelope. But please try to keep the maximum to six lines to prevent overcrowding.

  • To achieve the best results, guest lists should be prepared in a format similar to the examples shown.