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Due to its versatility, Italic is always my first choice when a commission requires a traditional script. It is not only formal and stylish, but with a few added pen-flourishes Italic becomes highly decorative.

For formal commissions, such as when I add names to Honorary Degree parchments for Universities or inscribe items of social stationery for weddings or events, I use Italic.

Although Italic is a classic script, it's not necessarily "old-fashioned." Where appropriate, I bend the rules a little to give my Italic a contemporary appearance (evident in my "art not chance" artwork).

Being so versatile, Italic can be used for any type of commission. It is the perfect lettering style for adding name inscriptions to invitations, place cards & certificates, and for addressing envelopes.

If you prefer a more contemporary style of calligraphy, please view examples of my modern calligraphy.