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Art Not Chance


Having taught myself calligraphy, I was inspired to create the artwork on this page because I relate to Alexander Pope's sentiments that "true ease in writing" is not achieved by chance.


During the first few years of teaching myself the craft, I struggled to make progress, experiencing first-hand the difficulty and frustration of attempting to learn calligraphy from books alone.


Everything changed when I attended a calligraphy class in Stirling University in 1987. The class was taught by Tom Gourdie MBE, an eminent Scottish calligrapher, and I immediately appreciated the benefits of being taught by an expert.


For the past 25 years I have had the privilege of teaching my own students at various venues in, and around, Glasgow.

By offering my students structure and guidance, I can quickly help them achieve true ease in writing.


If you live in central Scotland and are interested in attending a class to learn traditional calligraphy, I'd be delighted to share my knowledge of the craft with you.

For dates and venues see calligraphy classes. For course topics see class description. For advice about calligraphy pens see equipment to purchase.

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